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About us

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The College Park (GA) Alumni Chapter (CPAC) was originally chartered on April 4, 1981 in the city of College Park, Georgia. The chapter’s focus was to represent the interests of the fraternity in the southwest portion of the greater metropolitan Atlanta area. The chapter came into existence as a result of the vision and foresight of eleven industrious brothers.

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We are always looking to reclaim brothers in the area. If you’re interested, feel free and fellowship with us on our meeting nights.  If you are interested in joining the chapter as a new member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., please contact us through the MTA Interest link.

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CPAC Kappa League

We are the proud award winners of the National Silver Award Guide Right Chapter for 2017. We will continue are efforts to build and prepare strong young men.

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Please contact a mentor if you’re interested in having your high school aged young man participate in the CPAC KL Program.

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Guide Right on Facebook   

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Executive Committee

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Visit Us

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CPAC meets every second Thursday of the month at the Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport West/Camp Creek Pkwy, 3450 Creek Pointe Way, East Point, GA 30344

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Board Meeting: 2nd Tuesday of the month
Frat Meeting: 2nd Thursday of the month




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